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Thermoconductor Hydrogen analyzer

Thermoconductor Hydrogen analyzer
  • Hanwei
  • JRD1010
  • Henan China (Mainland)
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  • gas analyzing
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used for continuous analyzing hydrogen with high accuracy, Simple Structure, Less Maintain and long life

Thermo conductivity  hydrogen analyzer used as industrial and laboratory      used for continuous analyzing hydrogen concentration in the mixed gas automatically, It has high accuracy, Simple Structure, Less Maintain and long life, Etc, The analyzer with different detection range Can be applied widely in the following Industrial or institutional  locations: 

Non Explosive:

Chemical fertilizer plant: During nitrogen fertilizer synthetic ammonia process, the hydrogen concentration analyzing in the fresh gas and recycle gas

 Power Plant: Hydrogen purity analyzing in hydrogen-cooling system in Generator


3. Hydrogen purity analyzing in Hydrogenation process, in the petroleum, chemical, elastomer, propylene manufacturing process.

4. Hydrogen purity analyzing in Gas station and hydrogen in Nitrogen.

5. Other locations whereas need hydrogen analyzing.


Working Theory

The Hydrogen has high thermo conductivity, the hydrogen has much higher thermo conductivity than other gas, so in the mixed gas, the thermo conductivity is subject to oxygen concentration, the thermo conductivity show the hydrogen concentration among the mixed gas. , 

The relative thermo conductivity sheet 1

Gas        AIR H2   CH4 O2   N2   CO  NH3       Ar   CO2 SO2

RTM       1.00 7.15 1.25 1.013      0.996      0.96 0.89 0.684      0.605      0.35

Technical Specifications

Detection Range: 0-4% H2 (Or 0-0.4% H2    0-1% H2   0-10% H2) can be Specified or F.S

 1.  Repeatability:≤1%

2.  Zero Drift:≤±2% F.S/7d

3.  Full Scale Drift:≤±2% F.S/7d

4.  Linearity :≤±2.5%F.S

5.  Response Time: F.S  T10-90≤20s Two F.S T10-90≤40s


6.  Power: 220±22V 50Hz

Power Consumption: less than 100VA

Preheating Time: 2 Hours

7.  Output: 0-2V (0-20mA or 4-20 mA).

Working Conditions: Humidity:less than 85%.

  Temperature: +5-50C



8.  The Gas should meet the following conditions

(1)  Humidity:less than 85%

(2)  Dust:≤0.01g/m3

(3)  Causticity (SO2, H2S, NH3...) less than 0.005%

(4)  Temperature: +5-50C

(5)  Flow: 0.5-1L/min

(6)Pressure 0~0.4MPa

(7) Injura

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Henan China (Mainland)
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Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd. (ISO9001:2000 certified), established in 1998, with approx. 400 employees, is expert in the R&D, manufacture, and marketing of a full line of gas-detection products and solutions in China. Hanwei become a listed company in 2009 (stock number: SZ300007). Hanwei products can be divided into domestic gas alarms, portable gas detectors, industrial fixed systems, breath alcohol testers and gas analyzers, as well as gas sensors and key elements for gas dete